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One Hour Hem Stop Shop

The One Hour Hem Stop Shop is a full clothing alteration company that specialises in quick professional trouser and jean hems that can be finished in half an hour if necessary. We employ professional tailors and dressmakers and can work on all types and styles of garments. We also give advice on the types and styles of garments and explain what we can and can’t do with customer’s clothes.

We help and advise our customers on how to alter and shape their new or used clothing, to make them fit and make them look good when worn. We advise customers on current styling. We quote a price on the work before we start work on the garment. 100% Guarantee.

We have a dedicated workroom for tailoring men’s suits and ladies evening wear. Our professional tailors and dressmakers have extensive experience in all areas of alterations.

Bridal gown alterations

Brides and bridesmaids can call to make an appointment with one of our specialized dress maker to inspect the gown. Other evening wear does not require an appointment but our dress maker will need to view the garment fitted on you. Please bring the appropriate under garments and matching shoes for us to achieve the perfect fit.

*One Hour Hems – Where possible to standard trouser & jeans hems only – conditions apply.

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