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Heal Podiatry

Our podiatrists work with you to improve the mobility, independence and general wellbeing of your feet by providing preventative care, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of problems affecting the feet, ankles and lower limbs.

It is important to not only treat the symptoms but also address the underlying cause to prevent problems in the future.


Our podiatrists are experienced in all areas of foot and lower limb assessment, diagnosis and management. We look after a range of clients of all ages from toddlers to the older person, the sedentary to elite athletes.

A wide selection of clinical skills are utilised to best manage your problem, including:

General nail and skincare

Professional service of having nails, callus or corns appropriately cared for.

Diabetic assessments

Thorough appointments where we assess and monitor the general health of your feet and assist in the prevention of complications that can occur with diabetes. We collaborate closely with GP’s to ensure optimum foot health.

Nail surgery

Depending on your specific problem, we can perform a number of safe procedures within the practice under local anaesthesia to ensure the best outcome for you.

Biomechanical assessment

Assessing the body’s mechanics allows us to understand the cause of many foot, leg, hip and back problems. This assessment is valuable for any person wanting to maintain an active lifestyle, from elite sportspeople to the more sedentary who are unable to exercise due to foot or leg problems.

Video gait analysis

We use video and computer analysis to record and view your posture and walking style. We are then able to review this in extensive detail and discuss any findings which may be impacting on your condition.

Children’s assessments

Children present with their own unique set of problems and conditions. We look at a whole range of issues including posture, coordination, balance and fine and gross motor skills appropriate for their age and stage of development.

Orthotic devices

We utilise the latest in computer-generated orthotic devices. Our orthotic devices are flexible and easy to fit into shoes ensuring you the best possible comfort and ease of wearing. We can make them full or half-length.

Footwear advice

Footwear is often a factor in many foot and leg problems. We are able to assess and educate on the features and types of shoes that suit you and your needs.

Specialised treatments

Acupuncture/dry needling

A safe, effective technique used to release knots or tight muscles that may be contributing to pain or discomfort

Mobilisation / manipulation

Gentle movement of the joints of the feet and ankle to improve mobility and function.

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