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Pencraft x Van Dieman’s Ink Collection

Introducing the ‘Adelaide Arcade Collection’ by Van Dieman’s Ink in collaboration with Pencraft the Boutique.

Van Dieman’s Ink, a celebrated artisan of fountain pen inks based in Tasmania, is thrilled to unveil an exclusive collection curated for Pencraft, the renowned writing instrument boutique nestled in the heart of Adelaide’s historic Adelaide Arcade. This collaboration marries Van Dieman’s mastery of colour and ink formulation with Pencraft’s deep-rooted tradition of providing exquisite writing tools and accessories since 1968.

The Adelaide Arcade Collection draws inspiration from its namesake’s architectural and historical essence, encapsulating the elegance and charm of one of Adelaide’s most treasured landmarks. Each colour in the collection tells a story, from the serene and inviting hues of Mint Green and Fountain Green, reminiscent of the iconic fountain at the arcade’s entrance, to the rich and earthy tones of Jarrah Brown, echoing the warmth of the arcade’s woodwork. Hidden Tearoom Black offers a glimpse into the mysterious and cozy corners of the arcade, with its dark black hue accented with subtle purple undertones. Lastly, Crimson Ecrit, a deep Indian red, pays homage to the arcade’s vibrant history and the timeless art of writing.

Pencraft, a family-owned boutique deeply embedded in Adelaide’s heritage, has been a cornerstone for pen enthusiasts and collectors. It offers a diverse luxury selection of writing instruments and knowledgeable service. This partnership with Van Dieman’s Ink highlights both brands’ commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and the celebration of storytelling through the medium of ink.

Shop the exclusive collection in-store at Pencraft the Boutique at shop 29, Adelaide Arcade. Further details about the collection can be found online here.

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