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Perform in Adelaide Arcade

Interested in performing in Adelaide Arcade? Read on to find out how!

Adelaide Arcade is one of South Australia’s most iconic destinations in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD. Steeped in the grandeur of history, this magnificent heritage shopping arcade is home to luxury brands, specialist services, and premium products from local retailers and artisan vendors.

Since its opening in 1885, Adelaide Arcade has played host to many live performances from local and international artists. From orchestras to opera, choirs and local bands, Adelaide Arcade is proud to support the local arts and provide a beautiful setting for artists to showcase their talents.

Over the past couple of years, Adelaide Arcade has been a venue for Umbrella Festival, and SALA Festival and involved in the City of Adelaide’s Christmas Incentive Scheme and Streetside Activation program, which saw Adelaide Arcade host a variety of local performers and artists.

If you would like to enquire about performing in Adelaide Arcade, please fill out the form below.


  • Information may include a sample set list, genre/style, or artists that are similar in nature to what you intend to perform.
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Terms & Conditions:

  • Undertake the performance in the location specified by Adelaide Arcade Management.
  • Undertake the performance on the dates and times agreed upon with Adelaide Arcade Management.
  • Comply with all directions issued by Adelaide Arcade Management.
  • Keep noise from amplification limited to where it does not cause a nuisance to traders or customers.
  • Cease the performance immediately if directed to do so by Adelaide Arcade Management.
  • Cease the performance immediately if a crowd are congregating in the area, preventing the free flow of pedestrian traffic.
  • Treat members of the public with respect.
  • Obstruct or impede fire exits, closed circuit television cameras or shop front advertising or undertake the activity in doorways or other access points.
  • Obstruct or impede the free flow of pedestrian traffic or otherwise prevent such thoroughfare.
  • Stand, climb or otherwise use furniture to undertake the activity or cause damage to any infrastructure.
  • Convey, whether verbally, in writing or on signage, a message or communication which jeopardises public order or otherwise might encourage a breach of the peace
  • Adversely affect or disturb the peace, comfort or convenience of users of Adelaide Arcade.


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