“Talent photography with style.”

Style is quiet. It sings rather than shouts. Style is a city like Paris; elegant, confident, always contemporary, never a copy. Cue Studio Paris.

Talent photography is an art form in the right hands, art inspired by timeless grace and inventive modernity. Rather than mere fashion, Studio Paris shoots for something both classical and previously unseen, with big nods to a sharp design aesthetic and a certain independent musicality. Way beyond pretty.

From their very Parisian arcade loft, Studio Paris creates talent portfolios for the all the usuals – men, women, groups, hair, etc – but they do so with a style literate panache that eschews the so-so makeover in favour of character. Sure, these are models but here too they are human beings; glamorous, moody, vulnerable, mysterious and, yeah, sexy too.

It’s no small feat to take a straight model shoot to a higher level. Studio Paris take it to Europe and back, diverting along the way through slick chic, rock gusto and left field dash. Talent Photography gets soul again.

Services include:

Professional talent photography including portfolios and quality photo-retouching.

Personalised services for Models, Fashion Designers, Hair Stylists, Actors, Sports Star, Musicians and Juniors

Shop 104G Balcony Level Gay’s Arcade

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